How To Enter Facebook without Email and Password

How to enter Facebook without a password

Facebook is certainly one of the most popular social networks worldwide; the numbers and statistics now speak for themselves, and also the affection of users to the platform is increasingly growing, also thanks to the integration with other services such as Instagram or WhatsApp.

How to enter Facebook without a password

Certainly, many people have spent a lot of time on Facebook, and maybe they have shared or saved useful links or have had important conversations with relatives, friends, or colleagues.

As a result, losing your platform credentials is no small problem, as you may no longer be able to access this precious data.
Fortunately, there are several ways to fix it, in case you have lost or forgotten your Facebook password.

We have seen how it is possible to access Facebook without registering, now let’s see how it is possible to enter Facebook without email and password.

Quick access with a profile picture

If we surf the net with our private computer, we often tend to save our credentials of the services we use most frequently, perhaps right inside our favorite browser.
In this case, accessing Facebook without a password or email address is a very simple operation, as the access data are stored on our PC or smartphone.

In fact, whether you browse Facebook via computer, or whether you do it via smartphone with the relevant application, the Zuckerberg platform allows you to access the social network very quickly.
In fact, all you have to do is click on your Facebook profile picture that appears when you go to the site, or when you open the app on your mobile device.
As already mentioned above, however, this only applies if you have already previously logged in on that particular device.

Log into Facebook with your phone number

Among the many private data that can be configured within Facebook, there is also your phone number.
While it may appear as a solution that can endanger our privacy, the benefits of configuring the phone number on Facebook are not to be underestimated.
One above all is definitely the ability to log into Facebook with your phone number.

In reality, it is not direct access, but a feature thanks to which you can receive a code via SMS to be entered on the login screen.
All you have to do is then, once you go to the Facebook login page, click on Forgot your password?
At that point, to retrieve your credentials, you can either enter your registration email address or, if you have forgotten that too, your phone number associated with Facebook.

Enter Facebook with trusted friends

If the two solutions explained above were not enough for you or were insufficient, then let me show you one last alternative.

Facebook account without Password
This time, I’m going to talk to you about logging in via trusted friends, which are your pre-set trusted contacts that can help you recover your credentials and log back into your account. However, be aware that this is a preventative operation, so be sure to perform the following procedure before it’s too late.

  • Go to the Protection and access page from the Facebook settings;
  • Go to the item Choose from 3 to 5 friends to contact if you are no longer able to access your account and then click on Edit.
  • Finally, click on Choose friends and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

This way when you go to the page You no longer remember how to access the account? , the instructions will show you a link where your trusted friends can access and discover a recovery code. Just through that code, you can then access your Facebook account again and eventually change your credentials so that they are easier to remember.