How to Locate Your Children’s Mobile Using Qustodio

How to Locate Your Children's Mobile Using Qustodio

Knowing the current location of your children at all times causes an inexplicable peace of mind. And, on the contrary, not knowing its location can be a cause of great anguish. Luckily, we currently have tools to avoid this problem. Check Techy2tech for details about Qustodio, an app to locate your children’s mobile.

How to Locate Your Children's Mobile Using Qustodio

Qustodio is much more than an app to locate your children’s mobile. Among other parental control functions, it allows you to block unwanted Internet content, limit the hours of use of “screens” and view your browsing history. In addition, it allows you to know where your children’s phone is, either Android or iPhone.

And if you are a Movistar Fixed Internet customer, you can try Qustodio Premium for one month for free and then continue using it at a price of € 3.50 per month. Let’s see how to use one of its most practical functions: locate your children’s phone, wherever they are.

The current location of my children

If you have Qustodio installed on Android or iOS, one of its functions is to tell you where that device is located. You will be able to consult this information from the application for parents, via the web, or from your own mobile. The function is called Family locator and it allows you to “follow the location of your children in real-time and see a list of the places they have been”. This way you will know if they are where they should be or not.

It’s more. In an emergency and on Android devices, Qustodio makes it easy to press a help button to send a message to your own smartphone with its most recent location to find out where to go.

To be able to use this location function, you must activate the Geolocation tracking option on each device whose position you want to know on the map. You can do it comfortably from the parent app, entering the profile of each child. Specifically, you will have to go to the Rules tab or section.

Second, you will have to approve the permissions of each device for the Qustodio app to access the location of the phone. Both Android and iOS allow it to be done from Operating system settings. There you will find the options related to Qustodio. Among them, Permissions> Location or similar.

Locate your children’s mobile, in real-time

Let’s say that we already have both phones configured and with Qustodio installed in both and I want to find out the current location of my children. To find out where your child’s mobile is, you will have to open the Qustodio application that you use as a parent and display the left side menu. There you will see the Family Locator.

Inside Family Locator we will see a map and the icons of your children’s profiles. In addition to the icon and your name, the last detected location appears. That location will also be reflected on the map.

If we click on each icon, we will see the map with its location and history with the chronology of previous locations ordered by days and hours.

With this function, Qustodio becomes an app to locate your children’s mobile in case of loss of the device or theft. Obviously, it will also be useful to confirm that they are where they should be, such as at school or at home. You can also use it, in the worst case, if they have been lost and know the current location of your children.

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Note that although the geolocation function of current smartphones is very accurate, some distortion of the exact location can occur when triangulating the position on the map. However, the approximate position will be very useful to us to locate the mobile and/or your child.

Frequent locations and instant alerts

Another interesting possibility that Qustodio offers within the Family Locator consist of configuring common places that our children usually visit: home, school, park, gym … This way we will see more clearly where they are by seeing the name of the place and not just the approximate GPS position. You will find this option in the arrow icon on the map.

What’s more, in addition to seeing a chronology of previous locations, you can receive notifications on your mobile when your children leave a certain place or arrive at another. For example, to know if they have left school and have come home, or vice versa.

Finally, on Android devices, Qustodio has an optional SOS button for your children to notify you if they have a problem. The message will include the most recent location for easy location.